Edith Edman gave this advice, “Never doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light” Keep His Word in your heart no matter what happens down the road. In this year 2021, YOUR DESTINATION IS FIXED; IT’S A DESTINATION OF GLORY, PEACE, JOY and OPEN REWARD. The journey may be full of storms; those storms will not render His Word inoperative. Jesus told His disciples, “Let us go to the other side.

He did not tell them, “Let us go and sink in the sea.” So when the storms hit, they should have been confident that nothing evil was going to happen to them because He told them the OTTHERSIDE” (soaring) and not the UNDERSIDE” (sinking). That’s why Jesus asked them in Verse 25, “Where is your faith?” When God gives you His Word, He expects you to develop faith in that Word and put that faith in your mouth so that when the storms hit, your faith will speak and bring you through those storms unhurt. ODM Daily Online 15th March 2021

Never doubt whatever He has told you. If He told you something in church (Where everyone was excited and the anointing was strong). Do not start doubting that word when you get back to your office and you are surrounded by all the negative, faith-draining people. Whatever He Told You In The Time Of Peace, Do Not Doubt In The Time Of Chaos. Whatever He Told You In The Closet When You Were Praying, Do Not Doubt When Men Are diving You Contrary Suggestions or Recommendations! Hold On To His Word And See That Word take you to the OTHER SIDE! Yea! Your life will show the world that God is not A MAN that He should LIE!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Christian seek not yet

  1. Pray seriously on today’s word as it has touched you. ODM Daily Online 15th March 2021
  2. In 2021, I have been called to go to the OTHER SIDE and not to the UNDER SIDE in Jesus name! This is my year!
  3. I shall not SINK this year! Every evil storm raging to swallow me up, hear the word of the Lord today, “BE SILENCED NOW, in Jesus name. ODM Daily Online 15th March 2021
  4. Every spirit of fear and doubt working to silence my voice of faith; loose your grip NOW!!!
  5. Father, secure me, my household, my life and ministry from the storms of fear and destruction sweeping through this world in Jesus name.
  6. Pray about today now as led.