Vs. 12 of today’s 1st scripture says: “And the king arose in the night, and said unto his servants, I will now shew you what the Syrians have done to us. They know that we be hungry; therefore are they gone out of the camp to hide themselves in the field, saying, “When they come out of the city, we shall catch them alive, and get into the city.” When the lepers raced back to the city to deliver the good news of, “THE SIEGE IS OVER! PLENTY HAS COME” the king did not believe it! He was saying: THIS CANNOT BE TRUE! HE DOUBTED! He told his officers that the Syrians were laying an ambush in order to CAPTURE THEM! The deliverance from the siege SHOCKED HIM! He forgot that: THE WORD, “IMPOSSIBLE” MEANS “I’M POSSIBLE!” IMPOSSIBLE IS not a fact! It’s an opinion! “IMPOSSIBLE” is just a big word thrown around by small-minded men or women! He forgot that “IMPOSSIBLE” is TEMPORARY! Yes! He forgot that IMPOSSIBLE is a DECLARATION; Not a DARE! The Holy Ghost wants you to know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS YOU THINK IT IS! The MIND is the man! Ah, I hear my Father God declare: What people will DOUBT and declare as “IMPOSSIBLE” will locate you in 3 weeks! Oh, I am excited! When Mary became pregnant, Joseph wanted to divorce her because he was confused about that miracle! I am led to declare to you: The testimony that CANNOT be interpreted, the one that will CONFUSE your generation will locate you and all yours in Jesus name! Remember; IT’S IMPOSSIBLE For THEM; NOT FOR YOU and your GOD! 


  1. Pray about today’s word as led now.
  2. JEHOVAH “OVER DO,” baptize me with the miracle of “THIS CANNOT BE TRUE.”
  3. Jer. 32: 27; LORD, do a thing that seems IMPOSSIBLE; that will make men and women to say to themselves: “THIS CANNOT BE TRUE.”
  4. Lord, turn every DESERT into a SEA OF GOODNESS, SINGING, and DANCING!
  5. My Father, my Father; break every siege concerning my life, family, and ministry!
  6. Pray today’s prayers in “WAR AGAINST HAMAN 16” as led now.