Memory Verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – Pray without ceasing.

Bible Reading: Acts 16:25-34 

Message: God’s desire for all His children is greatness He wishes that they prosper, be in health even as their souls prosper (3 John 2). However, a study of the of God reveals that there are certain requirements for greatness, three of which are: prayers, praises and worship. John 4:24 says:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

Prayer is communication with God in line with His will. In praises we thank God for what He has done, what He is doing and what He is yet to do. In worship, we appreciate God for who He is. God expects all of creation to worship Him; however, there are various categories of worshippers.

One category of worshippers comprises those who, at one time or the other, received a blessing from God (Psalm 150:6). No matter how little you think the goodness of the Lord in your life may be, it is imperative that you praise Him.

The next category of worshippers are the afflicted ones. These include the bereaved, the sorrowful, the disappointed and the discouraged in our midst. A classic example is Job. Job was a man who worshipped God in prosperity (Job 1:1-5), in the midst of satanic afflictions (Job 1:15 to 2:9) and at the point of his turnaround (Job 42:1-6).

The third category of worshippers are the vessels unto honour (1 Timothy 2: 19-21). Vessels unto dishonour are those used by the devil to change joy to sorrow. These are the agents of the devil. A vessel unto honour however, is someone God can use anytime, anyway and anywhere He wants to. Worship characterizes vessels unto honour. In addition, vessels unto honour are chosen by God (John 15:16). Such people are willing to be chosen and ready to live holy all the time.

Are you a vessel unto honour? If yes, go ahead and give high praise to God. If not, repent and cry unto God for mercy.

May the Lord make and keep you as a vessel unto honour in the mighty name of Jesus.

Hymn: Praise Him, Praise Him, Jesus Our Blessed Redeemer

Points: Father, please give me a grateful heart and the grace to praise and worship You always, in Jesus’ name.